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Writer Sean Means of the Salt Lake Tribune, who has followed Karen Horne’s work over the years, invited her to share what she is creating in response to the pandemic. This was part of his survey of 21 Utah artists’ reactions. The resulting, intriguing article and virtual gallery appeared in the SL Tribune on Sunday, April 19, The MIX, pages C1, C2. There was a great variety of approaches featured. Karen Horne, chose to share her new painting “In the Glow of the Eccles Theatre” image below. As Sean Means writes:

“Horne…has long created luminous paintings of Salt Lake City’s cultural centers, capturing the shared joy of enjoying the performing arts. “And now, we’re not gathering!” she lamented. She has kept painting those locations, like the Eccles Theatre, but is doing so “nostalgically, wondering when it will be safe to congregate again.” She also wants to call attention to Utah’s cultural organizations, which “have provided us with so much joy and pleasure, and who are in a precarious positions now, without the revenue of tickets sales.”

shot of SL TRIB MIX front page w painting med WEB
Salt Lake Tribune MIX
Karen Horne, In the Glow of the Eccles, oil, 30x20, 35x25 w frame, $2,800
Karen Horne, In the Glow of the Eccles, oil, 30×20, 35×25 w frame, $2,800
Art in the time of Coronavirus,Text with my quotes, med WEB
Art in the time of Coronavirus