“Hi Karen, I love your work! You have the skill and eye of the artist 

combined with the knowledge of how to dance. This lets you capture the posture,

the flow, the grace, and most certainly, the fun of the Ballroom.”

 – Bay Area Waltzer & Collector

Karen Horne with Adam Sklute and Emily Adams during photo shoot for 60th Nutcracker artwork (courtesy Ballet West)
Karen Horne working with Ballet West’s Artistic Director, Adam Sklute, and Principal Artist, Emily Adams
Karen Horne doing a live portrait demo at the Springville Museum of Art
Karen Horne doing a live portrait demo at the Springville Museum of Art

Karen Horne’s ART of DANCE® series celebrates the synergy between the art forms of dance and painting. It is animated by her skill at painting the figure, her experience as an amateur ballroom dancer, as well as her early training in ballet.

Karen has had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous dance companies, including Ballet West Academy, BYU Ballroom, U of U Ballet and Tablado Flamenco. She was delighted to be commissioned to create cover artwork for the playbill of Ballet West’s 60th (Diamond) Anniversary of the Nutcracker.

For additional information on purchasing artwork or to commission your own ART of DANCE® oil painting, pastel or drawing, call or email the gallery/studio.

ART of DANCE® fine art notecards are also available for purchase.

Art of Dance® notecards by Karen Horne
Assorted Art of Dance™ notecards


ART of DANCE® is a registered trademark of HORNE Fine Art, LLC.