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Its been a busy season with the legislature in session at the Utah State Capitol. Karen Horne has been excited to participate in both the Cultural Advocacy Day, and the Senate’s passage of the Declaration celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the Utah Division of Arts & Museums. While at the Capitol, she was delighted to find that four of her artworks are currently installed there, in three separate collections! One is the State Collection, and the other two are private collections. It was a treat for the artist to her works from different series hanging and enjoyed in this august building.

  1. Silvery Reflections, was acquired by the State of Utah Alice Merrill Horne Art Collection from the Transcontinental Show. It hangs in the Governor’s Staff offices.
  2. Electric Met, hangs in the office of the Capitol Curator from the Capitol Preservation Board.
  3. Storm Over the Peery, was acquired by the Honorable Senator Plumb, and currently hangs in her Senate office.
  4. Dancing Trees, was also acquired by Senator Plumb.

Note that Karen Horne was also previously honored in 2022-23 to have her painting, “Flowers for Ukraine” incorporated into a display honoring the people of Ukraine, and the Governor’s statement in solidarity.


Karen Horne, Silvery Reflections, oil, 18×36


Karen Horne, Electric MET, 18x24 r, 22x28 with frame WEB
Karen Horne, Electric MET, 18×24


Karen Horne, Clouds Over Peery, oil, 20x30, 24x34 rv on wall
Karen Horne, Storm Over the Peery, oil, 20×30


Karen Horne, Dancing Trees, oil on canvas, 20x18
Karen Horne, Dancing Trees, oil on canvas, 20×18