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The ART AND FAITH of Minerva Teichert
(LDS) Church History Museum
45 North West Temple Street
Salt Lake City, UT

Exhibition continues through Aug. 3, 2023

Lovers of Early Utah Art have a feast in store! A Major exhibition of the work of Minerva Teichert is on view in downtown Salt Lake City.

Tribute to Alice Merrill Horne at the Newly Opened Minerva Teichert Exhibition. The stunning new Teichert Exhibition at the (LDS) Church History Museum in Salt Lake City includes an acknowledgement of Alice’s role as Minerva’s agent, champion and friend.

Experience 45 beautifully composed, large Teichert paintings (only a part of her prodigious output)! Minerva certainly did achieve the goal that her teacher, the great American artist, Robert Henri, advocated for her—to paint the story of her people. But seriously, considering that she also raised a family and helped run a ranch, did she ever sleep?? What is sweet for us at HORNE Fine Art, is that the show it also acknowledges the vital role that Alice Merrill Horne played in Minerva’s achievement. Alice not only secured important commissions and many sales for Minerva, but helped save her ranch and kept her in paints and canvas! The show includes a portrait of Alice Merrill Horne by Lee Green Richards, and also one of Alice’s own creations, a lovely painting of a dear friend’s funeral roses. Both paintings were leant from private family collections for the first time. The show continues through August 2024, allowing the public time for multiple visits to absorb so many fabulous Minerva paintings and all the fascinating info on the collaboration between Minerva and Alice on the labels!!

Note the above quote from Minerva in 1943, showing the inspiration she felt from Alice.

“I was thrilled, filled with Alice Merrill Horne’s ideas about art. They drove me on. I sent the kids to bed a bit earlier and I painted a few hours longer. She inspired me to paint the handcart pioneers and many, many others.” – Minerva Teichert

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