150th Birthday of Alice Merrill Horne – “Utah’s First Lady of the Arts”

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This year we celebrate the 150th anniversary of this forward-thinking legislator and advocate for the arts, culture and environment in Utah, (born January 2, 1868). Alice continues to provide an example of leadership to the Utah community, including to our work here at the gallery. Alice was Karen Horne’s paternal great-grandmother and Phyllis Horne’s grandmother by marriage. Many of Alice’s programs continue to exist and to inspire Utahns, including her collections of quality art placed in public schools during the Depression, a program nicknamed “Milk Money for Art.”

For further info on Alice’s legacy, click here.

Stay tuned for events and programming in celebration of Alice Merrill Horne’s contributions.
NOTE: Alice’s work to bring original art to schoolchildren is currently under threat.
Please read and sign the attached petition sponsored by the Utah Cultural Alliance!
Alice Merrill Horne bust by sculptor Avard fairbanks on wood stand
Milk money for Art program in the Utah Schools - Alice Merrill Horne